building with daylight


A new translucent and insulated façade element Harnessing the Power of Light

– A sustainable solution to allow natural illumination through the facade

Meet Zospeum

Zospeum is a state-of-the-art façade concept, consisting of prefab sandwich elements fitted with optical fibres that allow (day)light to pass through.

A smart façade concept that insulates and transmits light and is also self-supporting. Various materials, such as optical fibres, PU-foam, steel reinforcement and mortar, are combined in an unusual way.

This combination creates an innovative and new façade element that manages to combine various constructional properties: light transmission, thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, self-supporting, robust, Zospeum is prefabricated and circular.

The Zospeum façade concept is able to provide buildings with daylight in a sustainable way. Thanks to its high Rc-value of 6 m2K/W, transmission of heat or cold is minimized, enabling favourable energy performance to be achieved.

Zospeum also acts as a sunshade and prevents both overheating and excessive light ingress, whereas BENG usually requires screens or louvres on the east, south and west façades to prevent excess temperatures.


The Zospeum façade concept is built from prefab sandwich elements, self-supporting and able to span from floor to floor

– The elements are designed to withstand the lifespan of a building several times and are ready to be circular

– Dimensions

The precast sandwich elements are 597 mm wide as standard, have a variable height of 2,700/3,000/3,300 mm and are 360 mm thick. The sandwich is constructed as follows: 120 mm inner leaf, 180 mm insulation and 60 mm outer leaf. Zospeum elements are self-supporting and able to span from floor to floor.

– Properties

Thermal insulating: Rc-value 6 m2K/W
Sound insulating
Fire-resistant: A2/B, s1, d0
Equipped with lifting and fastening anchors
Steel reinforced concrete


“This façade concept gives architects the opportunity to reduce the glass surface. Leading to lower energy requirements, lower costs, higher comfort, and a healthier indoor climate.”

– Peter van Delft Westerhof, Architect & Founder


More drawings and details, designed to withstand the lifespan of a building several times

– Based on Circular thinking

The insulation layer is rebated all around, into which a compressible sealing strip is inserted, providing a closed thermal envelope.


The vertical joint, at the location the inner and outer sheet, is filled with a flexible rubber and provides a water- and vaportight connection.


Push the boundaries of creativity and deliver spaces that seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors


Zospeum won the international award: The Architectural Product of the Year 2019, and was also winner in the Sustainable Product of the Year category

– Winners Gala at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao on October 14, 2019

Design at night

Beaming images and video’s on the inside when it’s dark, makes sophisticated advertising possible on the façade

– Giving designers a greater sense of creativity when it comes to projecting to the world, turning darkness into light



Get started and illuminate your projects with Zospeum

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